So I was hanging out with somebody tonight and she said “I’m surprised you’ve been with more women than men.”

Like, first of all, just because I’m femme doesn’t mean shit about who I love or who I fuck.

Second of all, I’m SO over people assuming I’m some “fake bisexual” just because I’m femme.

I’m pansexual and I’m femme and I reserve the right to be attracted to whomever I’m attracted to without having to explain myself. Ugh.

I REALLY want to go get my first tattoo soon but I have to figure out exactly where I want it. I’m seriously thinking about getting it on my upper thigh because I like my thighs and I would like to be able to cover up some scars. It would be fairly easy to hide it from my parents when I go home and I would be able to look at it and love it whenever I look down.

I found an artist who I really like as well. Maybe I’ll go next weekend.